Research is where you go out of your way to find out peoples interests and favourite things according to your specific topic. Research is done to find out what your target audience would be attracted to, making them want to buy the product. You can do four types of research; Primary, secondary, quantitate and qualitative. 

  • Primary research is where you personally go out and ask people (via either; questionnaires/surveys, interviews, focus groups, etc) their opinions and favourite things.
  • Secondary research is where you find information (via either; books, documents, the internet, etc) about the topic you’re researching about.
  • Quantitive research is research that has close-ended findings/answers, such as ‘yes’,’no’, numbers and statistics.
  • Qualitative research is more of an open-winded finding/answer, usually peoples opinions, thoughts and feelings about the subject.

Why is research important in the media?

Research is important in the media because it helps you find out more about the audience you’re targeting. For instance, if you’re wanting to produce a teenage movie, you will then have to do a lot of research to find out teenagers favourite genres, etc. This ensures that you will make a movie, or commercial that will catch the target audience’s eye and make them want to buy the product. It’s all about targeting the right demographics with the right emotion, props and actors you have found from the research.

Our research

A group of three of us chose the topic of ‘Most popular cinema snacks’ to research.


We came up with 5 questions which we then put into tables for us to ask people and tally the results on.

1   When you go to the cinema, what type of food do you prefer to eat?

  • Crips                             1
  • Popcorn                       11
  • Sweets/Chocolate        5
  • Hot food                       0
  • None                             1

2   Salt, sweet or both?

  • Salt                              5
  • Sweet                         11
  • Both                             1
  • None                            1

3   Chocolate or sweets?

  • Chocolate                    10
  • Sweets                          8

4   What flavour crisp do you like to eat?

  • Cheese                          2
  • Salted                            2
  • Chees & Onion              3
  • Salt & Vinegar                1
  • Other                             5

5   What do you like to drink at the cinema?

  • Water                            1
  • Coca-cola                     9
  • Lemonade/sprite          3
  • Other                            4


On our secondary research we just used used one source of the internet, but many different websites. (Websites according to questions)



On the forums on question one, two people preferred popcorn, four people preferred sweets/chocolate and three people preferred hot foods (such as hot dogs and nachos). This is different compared to our research as we found the most popular to be popcorn, however on the forums they thought sweets/chocolates were better.

On YouGovUK, we found out that most people preferred sweet popcorn to salted. This is the same results as we found, as the people we interviewed preferred sweet popcorn a lot more too.

On Yahoo answers, we found out that 7 people preferred chocolate to sweets, and 3 people thought otherwise. This is the same findings as more people preferred chocolate to sweets at college.

On daily star, the other of crisp favourites were Cheese, Salted then Cheese & Onion. This is similar to our findings, however the ‘Other’ category got most tally’s, but Cheese & Onion did also get three votes, and Salted/Cheese tied with 2 each.

And finally, on Satista, the order of favourites went; Coke, Red bull, Pepsi, Tropicana then Sprite. The most popular online is Coke, and also the same from our surveys done in college.

(Sorry if it’s very wordy, I’ve been doing English lit, media and business all through school and I’ve just learnt to do it)

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