Establishing Shot/Extreme Long Shot

An establishing shot is usually used at the start of a scene so that the audience know exactly where the scene will be set. This show the view from the college window. 



A close up is shot from the shoulder up, usually to show emotion on the persons face. On this, Jamaal is looking very embarrassed, which you can easily see because of how close up his face is. Additionally, he is to the left of the shot and not in the middle, using the rule of thirds.


Extreme Close-up

In an extreme close up, it focuses on one feature. Usually a facial feature, to show emotion in the scene. You don’t tend to use an extreme close up in many situations, it tends to be in horrors so that the audience can clearly see the emotion on the talent’s face. On this photo, it’s of Maddy’s eyes which also shows a the gaze path, so that the audience knows the next shot will be what she’s looking at.

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 15.12.38


In an over the shoulder shot, you have one character framing the shot of them and another person, usually in the middle of a conversation. On this, Harley’s head and shoulders are framing the pictures of Jamaal of them both in mid conversation. 


Medium Shot

A medium shot is from the knee’s up, there are two reasons to do this; to show the talent’s body language, and also to show a sense of space between actors and objects. We have also used the rule of thirds in this because Maddy is more to the right of the photo and not in the middle. We can see her body language in the photo and also the space between her and other objects. 


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