There are many sources of primary research I can do, such as a formal interview, questionnaires, VoxPop’s or a focus group.

For a questionnaire I would write up some planned questions onto and broadcast it to my friends and family via Facebook. By doing this, it may come out quite biased as most of the people on my Facebook are around my age group and into similar interests, however, I could ask my mother to post it onto her profile so that I can get a bigger range of results. By doing a questionnaire, I can get a lot of closed yes/no answers as people tend to not like writing a lot on a survey, meaning I can form graphs and carts using the quantitate data. Never the less, by using a questionnaire it could mean that many people can answer it anonymously and put fake, joke answers. This means that I wouldn’t get the information I need.

For my VoxPop I would go around our college asking questions about museums and peoples opinions on museums, especially the National Emergency Services Museum. VoxPop’s are a good source of research as you can ask anyone in the public questions, open ended questions, to get their opinion on the matter, and gather qualitative data. A perk of doing a VoxPop is that you get a wide range of answers to questions and get a lot more opinion about the subject. However, by doing a VoxPop you have to be aware of the amount of rejection you may get, meaning you might not even get any information at all on the matter. You also have to listen/watch through all of the video/audio to pick out what information is needed, and still then, it’s hard to put into graphs and charts, and to interrupt.

Doing formal interviews and focus groups is good for qualitative data, also. This means, again, that I could get loads of peoples opinions on the matter of museums and how they feel about going to them, their prices. However, by doing these two research techniques I would have to book appointments to gather the people for the interviews. Formal interviews require many different interviews with different people, which would take a lot of time from people’s days. This wouldn’t be a great idea when you have a schedule to work on, as you’d need a good day to do the interviews and more time to interpret the data to get what you need.

As a result, I will be doing a questionnaire and VoxPop’s so that I can get a good range of quantitate and qualitative data for my promotional video. I think these are the best idea’s as they don’t take up too much time to gather and interpret the information.


For my secondary research I could use the internet, documents or books.

The internet can either be a really reliable source, or not. This is because anyone can post a post online, making up some facts and figures that you think is true and use it on your research. However, if you use reliable sights such as gov sights, etc, then you can quick and easily find the information you’re wanting to find. Reliably. Using the internet is usually the preferred option as you simply just having to type what you’re wanting to find out into Google, but if you don’t know how to check the reliability of the sight then you should never trust the internet!

By using other sources such as books and legal documents, in my opinion, is very time wasting. Because by doing this, it would mean you would have to gather the right books to search through, then you would have to read through the books to find the right information for your research. Especially if you’re on a schedule, this wouldn’t be the most efficient way of finding out data. On the other hand, these sources are a lot more reliable than the internet as the books would have to checked through before publishing, as you can’t just publish to the world facts that are completely wrong!

Conclusively, I will be using the internet as my secondary research. This is because I won’t have access to get the correct books and documents to gather this information. And also, it takes a lot of time. The internet seems like a more efficient way of gathering data, if you know how to find out how reliable a website is.