The questionnaire that we did was actually really effective because I got over 40 responses. This gave me an idea of what people like to see in promotional videos and what to put in mine to attract the people to watch the video. I also got a range of of people to answered the question so it’s not a biased research method as I get the results I needed to branch out and reach different audiences. However, with the questionnaires, some people did answer the questions in a joke way and didn’t put their serious answers, which was a waste of answers. Never the less, I got enough results from everyone else to counteract the silly answers.

The VoxPop we did didn’t go as planned. At first, we thought that we were going to go around Sheffield town and VoxPop the public, however, we didn’t have the time so we had to only go around the college for these. This makes the research more biased than it should’ve been as we only got results from people our age. Also, we only got 4 VoxPop’s which limits the results a lot more. However, we did get some good findings from the VoxPop’s we did do, which is always a good plus, all of the results and answers were sensible and valid.

The secondary research I did was on the internet which was very successful because I just typed in what I needed to know and I got the information I needed. I also got information I couldn’t get from doing primary research as it requires using business records and such. This helped me as I knew how to get to the museum in a quick and easy way and I also gained a map of the museum so that I could quickly locate the section I was told to record. It also helped me know how to easily record in public places without an hassle.

These ways are the most effective, in my opinion, because they didn’t take up as much time as the other research methods would have because I didn’t need to book any appointments. I also got all the information I needed in a quicker space of time, which was good as we only have a small deadline for this. I did all of this research so that I knew what my target audience would be attracted to in a promotional video and also I gained tips on how to record in a public place.