To analysis the scene from a film (Superman) and identify the use of visual codes and generic codes.

Write a short report of your findings in your blog.

Camera Angles/Shot

The scene starts with a shot with the woman and man, it signifies the current state of the relationship by showing how far apart they are stood. Quite tense. Seeing both characters because they are both important, and need to see both of their facial expressions. Then it goes to the woman having her back to him and the audience because she doesn’t want to have the conversation. The woman is not comfortable. Then a medium close up, close up shots to show that she’s opening up. It’s zooming in as he asks her whether she was in love with Superman. Our relationship with the character is starting to get closer because we are zooming in, but their relationship status is the same. Going into a point of view through Supermans eyes through the window, shows that someone is looking through at them. A close up of Superman’s face shows his reaction to the lady’s answer to the question. Also to show the importance of the character. They then use a low angle shot, looking up at Superman to signify his power and this is anchored by non-diegetic music. Then an establishing shot to show him flying, and to show the speed of him flying upwards. A pan to show his flying path and where his destination is. Then an establishing shot of the Earth and the moon to show the distance and space between him and Earth. Then going into a long shot of Superman, dark background but some light on him. They then use another low angle shot, looking up at Superman to show his power. Especially since he is in space, and how we are the Earth looking up at him and his power. Going into a shot of his face in the corner and the Earth in the other corner, showing him looking down at the Earth, and it’s sort of like he is protecting the Earth and everyone in it. Proceeding to a close up of his eyes to show that he can see everything, that he wakes up when he can hears something bad. Then an establishing shot of Earth as he zooms down to Earth. Then there are some close ups of someone building up machinery to make the machinery look bigger and also because we, the audience, don’t know what it is but it’s building something we know will be important. Suspense. They use high angle shot looking down on the Police officers to signify their vulnerability and that the people with the dark clothes and machinery are in the position of power. (Same with the security guards). And also, a close up of a Police officer to show their facial expression, the worried expression to tell the audience that it’s a bad situation as he has a gun in his hand and he’s scared. Then the use of a birds eye view from above the gun shows the amount of things it is destroying in a mass. A medium shot is used of the security guards facial expressions to show their mood, before they go outside to face the bad guy. Also hesitant because they are scared of going out there. Shows the mass scale of the situation because even the Police and security guards are intimidated and scared. Then a low angle of the man with the machine gun to signify that he is still the one with the power. Going into a close up of the man with the machine gun realising the security guards are shooting at him and his anger on his face. And then a close up of the man with the machine gun’s eyes about to shoot the men to make it more personal and that he really wants to shoot them, personally. Zooming into an extreme close up of the man pulling the trigger to build up suspense to create a sense that something big is going to happen. Then a pan round following the bullets to the men’s chest, but in the background we see Superman’s costume flying around to take the bullets. A medium shot and Low angle shot of Superman is used as the bullets fall off his body to show that he is very powerful. The close up of the gun, evidently out of bullets shows gun is glowing from fire to show the power of the gun, making Superman look even more powerful. They use a shot of just Superman and a gun, not the man behind the gun. Nothing else is more important than the gun and Superman, whom is looking directly down the gun as he is not scared. Reinforces power and status. Then an extreme close up of the gun dinting against his eye, reinforcing the power of Superman and making sure the audience has seen that happen. A low angle shot is used when the bullet falling to the floor, to show how powerful Superman is. A close up of the bad guy is used to show his realisation how much trouble he is in, as he holds the gun and see’s that he is not the one in power and how he is now in a lot of trouble. Then it finishes with a close of up of Superman smirking at the man with the gun, to show he is smug.

Camera angles, such as high and low, and shown to signify a sense of power. High angles signify that the subject below you is indeed, below you in anything, power, authority, anything in the context of the film. Low angles signify the opposite, that we subject you are looking up at is a lot greater than you, in power, in anything.

Camera shots are used to help the audience know what they’re actually focusing on. It tells the audience, without any words, what the subject is. For instance, in a medium close up we know that it’s something important that you need to focus on, but the audience still needs to look at the background as that’s still slightly important. Also, in an establishing shot you know that it’s a to set the scene.


It starts with very simplistic piano playing. Non-diegetic, but you can tell that it’s being played in the room and not just over the top. Before she turns around the music stops for a split second just as soon as she turns around, for suspense. Then when Superman appears the non-diegetic music is now sad. When Superman is flying, they use a diegetic ‘swooping’ sound to show he is flying fast. Non-diegetic angelic music is played to symbolise he is sort of like God. Then negative sounds are heard, car squealing, baby crying, alarm bells; that he is hearing. Sirens going off to signify the Police, serious situation. Dramatic (Non-Diegetic) music to build suspense, emotion and mood. Diegetic sound of machinery moving, hefty pieces of machinery make a noise when they move. A diegetic noise of the bullets being shot, the speed of the noise makes the scale seem bigger.

Music and audio is very important in TV and Film, this is because it sets the mood and emotion in a scene. It tells the audience in an indirect way of what the characters are thinking and feeling in the scene, and helps us feel personal and understand the situation.


Costumes in the first scene show that they have just been to work on their professional job because they are wearing business attire. They’re at home, in their kitchen, after they have had dinner (lightings dim so it’s the evening). Then when Superman shows up, you know its superman because you can see part of his cape, and his hair style, signifies that he is Superman. Superman is in space being still, re-enforcing his power as he isn’t jittering around like his cape. As Superman flies down to Earth there’s a little explosion and it shows that he’s re-entering the Earth atmosphere. Read and Blue lights to signify the Police, serious situation. Black clothing, associates with people who don’t want to be seen, bad characters. Security guards shoot at the man, but it has the bullets falling off him to show that he is wearing a bullet proof vest. The security guards didn’t get closer to the man with the machinery because it shows how scared they actually are.

The Mise-En-Scene is important in a scene because it indirectly tells us a lot about the characters, especially by the props and costumes of the characters. You can figure out everything about the person by the things the directors placed in the scene, it all has a reason.


Short, slow, editing at the start. To show that everything is calm, and Superman is watching over a calm Earth. Then when Superman flies down and you have the Police, the editing his sped up to show the chaos and suspense. Slow motion shots are used of the bullets coming out to add to the suspension to show how something is going to happen. Slow motion shot is also used of the bullet falling to the floor to make sure the audience has seen it.

The editing is also important because it creates a good sense of the mood of the film, for example quick editing gives a sense of suspense in horror movies.