Before we went to the museum we did some research to plan which audience would be the best to target, and also how to shoot in a public place, and what attracts people to watch promotional videos. To research how to do the shoot effectively I did secondary research on the internet to find this information out. We also planned the shoot by researching the best route to get there and how long it took to get there. We also researched the weather of the days we were shooting to see whether there was any bad weather which would harm our outside filming.


On the shoot, me and two of my classmates got assigned to the film the police cells and the police cars. We got told that the police cells were very small and claustrophobic which made me worry about how easily we will be able to film in that space. I felt nervous about filming in the museum as I wasn’t sure whether my filming skills were good enough for an actual companies promotional video, but once we got there and started filming I was okay because I realised how quickly the ideas started to flow to me. One of the videos that I shot was a pan of the entrance where the police manikin is sitting as his desk. I thought of this idea to introduce my promotional video with it, so that it could show the audience what it’s like to go around the museum, in an order, starting with the entrance. That was on the first day, on the second day I contributed by doing the audio for Maddy’s presentation about the police cells, I had to check whether the background noise was too high, and try and get her voice to be a good volume so it’s hearable, but not over the limit. To overcome this I’d move the microphone closer to the person talking and then turn the level down to try and only get the subject talking as the audio.

We did have a few problems while we shooting, as does everyone. On the first day the marantz kit had no batteries or any wire for the microphone, meaning we couldn’t do Maddy’s presentation. We didn’t overcome this problem, as there was nothing else we could do, we just filmed that clip on the second day. Also, we had a problem with the lighting because the cells are very dark and it makes the film look very orange and off colour. For this, we tried using the torches on our phones, then we just edited the colour as much as possible on Final Cut Pro. On the second day the problem we faced a problem with the audio for Maddy’s presentation because in the cell we were filming there was a film being projected onto the wall, including very loud audio. So, we moved into a different room, but we could still hear it. To overcome this, we shut the cell door, which helped the audio. However, then the lighting wasn’t amazing because of the hallway lighting. We also had the idea of filming through the hole in the door of the film projected onto the wall and then opening the door whilst filming to show the audience the creaky door and mystery behind the museum. When we were shooting, we needed to make sure that we weren’t in any danger, so we made sure if we used any cables (e.i. on the marantz kit) that we wrapped them around the boom so that us, or any of the public didn’t trip over them.

Then we edited the video was pretty annoying. Firstly I found which backing music I wanted, which was a happy and chirpy tune. The footage was already organised for me into sections such as the police cells, fire service, etc. This made it easier for me to find the footage when I wanted to start putting it onto my timeline, as I didn’t have to sift through all of the footage to find what I wanted. Then I synced the audio and the footage together, so that the audio was as clear as possible. Then I started putting the footage in, putting it in different sections (police, fire service, etc). Once I put the footage into the timeline I put them in time with the music, editing it to change when the music does. However, it was too short by the time I finished, so I had to put extra footage in just to get it to het required amount of time.

Promotional Video: