When we started editing the promotional video all of our footage was organised into the sections of the museum people were assigned to film, in tags such as “Police Cells” and “Fire Services”. It was organised in this way so that we could easily find the footage we want, so if we thought ‘I would like a shot of the Police Cell’, I could easily find it because of the organisation. This was very useful as it was quick and easy, making the post-production process a lot quicker than it would’ve been if I had to look through all of the footage for what I needed.

Once I had started the editing, I started it with an outside shot of the museum to show the audience what it looks like outside. I think had a few shots of every aspect of the museum, to introduce the museum and show the audience what different aspects there is. Then I went around the museum, showing every exhibition in detail. I did this because I wanted to show the audience the museum as if they were walking through the museum in order. Going from the police cells to the gift shop and café. I also broke up the general views of the museum with interviews with people, telling us their favourite parts about the museum and what attracted them to the museum. I used a range of shots from wide shots of the room to show all of it, from close ups of specific things to emphasise the importance of the subject. I only used titles over the top of the interviews, introducing to the audience who they were, and at the end of the video to tell the audience information about the museum, such as the address and the website address. I used a few fade transitions to fade into some shots to make the video a lot more smooth, but not between every shot because it shortens the shot and makes it look a lot less professional.

Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 09.52.12

This screenshot was taken before I overlooked it and took most of the transitions out.