Audience is an individual or collective group of people who read or consume any media text (radio, TV or newspapers/magazines)

Audiences are important because without them there would be no media, because without any audiences the company gets no profit. Consequently, the mass media because competitive because the more people they attract in different ways, they stay profitable.

You have two types of audiences; Mass audience and Niche audience. Mass audience is those who consume mainstream or popular texts such as soaps or sitcoms, media and communications that targets a very large group of people. An example of this is Coronation Street or X-Factor. Niche audience is a smaller group of very influential people, a select group of people with a very unique interest. For example, Gardeners World.

Audience can also be divided into segments based on demographics and psychographic profiling, it’s crucial to media producers so they have a clear idea to home they are targeting. Demographic profiling is based on things like age (9-12 or 18-14 or 55-70 etc), gender (male, female, non-binary, mixed gender etc), ethnicity (racial background, religion), socio-economic (income, occupation), geographical location (local, national, global, rural, urban, south east, etc). Psychographic profile is based on things such as the target audiences lifestyle, interests and attitudes.

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