Mark Gassia’s website is a portfolio for his work as a freelancing editor. The first screen you see is red tint with a picture behind it (with arrows to change the picture), consisting of the word “EDITOR” in white sans-serif writing. The pictures being the red tint are pictures of Mark behind the scenes. It then has an anchor link saying “VIEW PORTFOLIO” to take you to the point on the page that consists of his video portfolio. There are also four other anchor links in the top right hand corner which take you to the specific points in the page, such as “contact”. To get to the portfolio you could either click the anchor link or just simply scroll down.

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Once you have scrolled down, or clicked the anchor link, you have a title in bold sans-serif writing saying “WORK” and then underneath you see many videos that he has edited in his work. It tells you underneath the video what company it was for and what campaign it was that he edited. When you hover your cursor over a video the video then gets a red tint over the top and the cursor turns from an arrow to a cross, this makes it easier because you know which video you’re clicking on as it stands out more than the rest. The video’s are lined in rows of 4 with a picture that is from the video as a thumbnail. Once you click on a video it scrolls you up a tiny bit and you watch the video on the same page as the rest of the video, rather than opening a new tab. It’s a lot more simple to use as you’re always on the same tab and you’re not having to flick through different tabs to find more video’s from his portfolio to look at.

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After that, when you scroll down you have another behind the scenes picture with a red tint and then a title, again in bold sans-serif to make it consistent, saying “RESUME”. Again, to get to this you could either scroll down or click the anchor link in the top right hand corner. Then you have his resume that is set out into two columns with subheadings (again in bold sans-serif font). The left hand side column is in a different font to the right hand side to make it easier to read so you read them in different columns rather than across the page. That’s because on the left hand side of the page you have his experience with the companies and on the other side you have the other aspects of the resume.

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By either scrolling down or, again, clicking the anchor link saying “BIO” in the top right corner, you then get to his biography. It’s a very short biography. It says in very few words about his background on a farm and how his family didn’t like the fact that he didn’t want to work in that profession. It also says the first time he watched a movie that reached out to him, and how he saw how the movies reached out to him by himself rather than being taught.

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Then you scroll down to get yet another behind the scenes picture, but with a black tint this time. It’s in the shape of a semi-circle which blends in with the footer which is black. The footer then has his contact details on, (his phone number, email, social media), and also where he’s based. However, not like the other sections of the website, if you click the “CONTACT” link at the top you don’t get redirected to this part of the page at the bottom, you get redirected to a new footer where you can easily send Mark an email without leaving his page. Very quick and easy.

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The home page for BBC has a lot going on. In the top left hand corner you have the BBC logo in sans-serif. Then along that you have a ‘Profile” tab, ‘Notifications” tab, ‘News’ tabs, ‘Sport’ tab, ‘More’ tab and then a search engine. The writing is all in black, sans-serif font with a white background, just like the whole page. Underneath that header you have a ‘Welcome to the BBC’ title (again in black sans-serif). Then you have a ‘Sign in’/‘Register’ part with links on those specific words, so that you can get the BBC Weather and Local News. Slightly under these features you have a ‘Customise your homepage’ link (that you have to sign in to use), which is a very unique feature. Finally, you then have different stories underneath with picture thumbnails. You have one main story and then two little stories underneath, with the thumbnails have the size as the main one. Under that you have a ‘Latest news’ sub-heading with three smaller thumbnails and headlines. Under that you have a ‘Latest sport’ sub-heading with three smaller thumbnails and headlines, again. You then have little links to the different BBC’s you have around the UK such as Wales, Scotland, etc. Underneath all of these the sub-headings and smaller headlines carry on with different sub-headings. After that you then have a ‘Popular on BBC iPlayer’  with a dark blue background to promote the BBC TV and radio. Finally at the bottom you have a ‘Give your feedback’ section with a light blue background so that it stands out over the rest of the page. Then finally on the footer, with a black background, you have the different sections of the BBC as tab links such as ‘News’, ‘TB’, ‘Music’, etc. Conclusively, you have the ‘Privacy Policy’ and a ‘Contact’ tab, just like most other website.

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The homepage is completely different website to Mark Grassia’s portfolio as it’s very busy and has a lot going on. The colours are also different as there is no red in the BBC homepage yet a lot of white and a bit of blue. There are so many things going on that it makes it a little overwhelming to look at and might become confusing. This website is more of a public website that most people are interesting as they have the news, sports, a lot of things most of the public are interested in. However, Mark’s website is a lot more private as it’s his portfolio so that he can try and find work.