To reflect on my thought process I will screenshot what I am doing and put it all on a blog post as sort of a journal. I will screenshot, or take photos of anything on paper, of my planning such as mind maps and include them in my blog posts. I will then write a little about what I have written, as they will most likely be notes and will need some explaining.


I have acquired a lot of skills from doing other productions, such as the promotional video for the Emergency Services Museum. I know how to film in a public place and the safety requirements for this, so if I am filming my project in a public place I know to give people consent forms and keep the wires away from people. I also know to manually expose a camera so that the video isn’t over exposed or under exposed. This will also help me if I do still film with the background moving quickly as I would just change the aperture to make the background blurry.

Project concept

To do this project I will have to do a lot of research on what I will be filming via the internet, books and also maybe voxpops. I will also need to look into what resources I need, such as what camera would be best for the production. My project is going to be about recurring dreams that most people have and how scary they can be to have.