It took me a while to decide on a theme to do my montage on and how to portray the theme, but once I had decided I had an action plan of doing a tense montage about recurring dreams. I used my action plan for my production as I incorporated three of the most recurring dreams people have into one video. My planning was effective as once I did my storyboard and shot list I knew exactly what I was recording once I got down to the production. I managed my time a little bad at first as I didn’t have the props for the first shooting date, but once I did that I caught up and managed my time pretty well and met my deadline. I could’ve done my research more effectively by researching how to film people running and how to get the lighting right on those scenes. I also could’ve done the production more effectively by doing everything how I wanted it to be done and not been laid back about it.

When I did my research I used books and internet as sources, which was good as the books told me how to film an effective montage and also what not to do when filming a montage. But, the internet helped a lot better as it told me, in detail, how not to edit it and better tips on filming a montage. It also told me what peoples recurring dreams where, which is the base of my montage. I also did primary research into recurring dreams and asked my friend to fill out a sheet on whether they have recurring dreams and how they made her feel, which helped me create a mood for my production. My research helped me as I knew which dreams to use and I also knew how people felt while having those dreams which resulted in the mood I tried to create. The editing research helped as I was advised to make the editing not as noticeable by giving it a rhythm. The research also helped me plan my montage by getting ideas on what I wanted and how to expand on them to make them scenes and shots. As I said before, I probably should’ve done more research into recording outside in the dark, researching lighting techniques and such. This would’ve helped my production because I could’ve done the chase scenes a lot better. I didn’t do any research throughout the production, but I probably should have.

I think the production fit it’s purpose, which was to make people feel tense about having recurring dreams. I think that the codes and convention for a short film like that, making people feel on edge, were used. I used things like; distortion effects, fast editing, fast and loud music and loud sounds. To make it better, I could’ve got my friend to act in all of the shots and also look a lot more worried on the scenes so that it looked more convincing. I personally think that I did the teeth part really well as the lighting was pretty good and the shots were exactly how I wanted them to look like, also the teeth being smashed sounded good, too. The worst part about the production were the scenes in my bedroom with my friend running out the door and turning in bed, this is because I didn’t book out any lights or have good lighting in my room so the footage came out yellow. Doing the production I developed the skills of making an edgy film by quick editing, also cutting the shots in time with the music. I got feedback from my peers and they said that they like rhythm of the shots being put together and also the fact that I repeated things to symbolise recurring dreams. They also said that the like distortion effects and the the music gets more intense as the montage goes on.

Conclusively, I think that my montage is pretty good as it makes people feel intense and people who has watched it knows that the theme is recurring dreams. I could’ve improved my research into making the actual montage and lighting techniques, I think that’s the thing that I’ve lacked the most.