For my pre-production I did research on dreams and what are the most recurring dreams that people have, so that I knew what to put into my montage. I chose: teeth falling out, being chased and being late. It’s quite hard because I couldn’t film someone teeth falling out, so I overcame this by having teeth being smashed.  I then did a shot list, storyboard, schedule, location recce’s and risk assessments. When I was storyboarding, it took me a while to get an idea into my head, but when I finally did I knew exactly how I wanted my production to look like and I knew how I wanted the audience to feel. Once I had the idea in my head, I had the obstacle of trying to find the perfect location for the scenes that are easily assessable. Once I found my locations and got permission, I had to go to them and do a risk assessment for each location. Finally, the pre-production was finished and I could start filming!


On the first shooting day for our class, I couldn’t shoot anything because I didn’t have the props of the fake teeth or my alarm clock. So, on that day I was just a runner for everyone else’s productions. However, that day when I got back, I gathered a few of my friends and did the being chased dream form my montage. On this day, we had a problem because my tripod at home was broken, so I had to stand the camera on the tripod as straight as I could as top of the tripod didn’t click in place. Also, the LED light on the top of the camera kept falling off whenever I moved the camera. Another problem was that we filmed on a public road which meant that cars and people were walking past, so this made the production longer as we had to stop for the people coming past so we didn’t get any of them in shot.

On the second day of shooting, I asked a few of my class mates to come into the drama studio and help me shoot the alarm clock and teeth being smashed. Once we had sat up the marantz kit, tripod and camera I just had to ask someone to hold the LED lights for me. One of the first problems was the fact that because someone was holding the light rather than them being on a stand, they kept moving and the lighting was slightly off on each shot. Another problem was the fact that the alarm clock kept moving on the table whilst it was going off, however that just added effect to the production as it shoves that it’s actually ringing. Whilst doing the alarm clock shots, we also had a problem background noise as we were right next to a drama class so people were being loud in there, so we just had to wait for the people to quieten down before we could record anything. When we finally started recording the teeth shot, it took us a while to actually smash the teeth with the hammer as they were the joke chattering teeth. People either kept missing the teeth making them jump off the table, or the teeth just didn’t smash. But finally, when we did it the smashing of the teeth shot was a pretty good shot.

On the third day of shooting, I realised that I couldn’t go into City Centre to do some shots because my friend didn’t have the time to come into Sheffield, and neither did I. So instead I substituted it was more shots of the character being late into work. Because my friend and I have similar hair, I did the acting instead of her since we didn’t need any shots of the face and only the back of her head. Giz and I went into a classroom and set up a tripod and camera and filmed me looking around the room, which was empty. These were quite easy shots to get as there wasn’t much to it, there weren’t any problems other than the fact that the denim jacket wasn’t the same colour as my friends.


The first thing I did was organise my shots and make events on Final Cut Pro depending on which dream it was representing. When I first started editing my montage, I didn’t have all of the shots I needed so I put everything I had in order but put black squares to replace the shots I needed to film. Once I had all of the shots I needed, I put them into the timeline and I was ready to do the picky editing. I started going through the timeline trying to get the shots to gradually get faster, but that was hard with the first few shots as they were meant to be long but the music was fast, so it’s not in time like the rest of the production. The next thing I did was getting all of the production in time, and whenever the song skipped a beat I cropped the shot to make a different shot, so that it was rhythmic. After doing this, I realised that my production was 20 seconds shorter than it was meant to be, which meant that I had to drag out some of the shots more than I wanted to, and also reusing shots. This annoyed me because I didn’t want to make the audience lose interest with my montage by dragging the shots out. To make it interesting and not boring, I put distortion effects onto some of the shots and also cropped them so that they seemed different.

Once I had done all of the video editing I realised that the song got slower when the editing got quicker, so it didn’t work. So, I got a different section of the song, a quicker section, and put that at the end. This took a while because I couldn’t find a perfect section of the song that would nicely flow from the first section I put in. It took me a lot of time getting it in time and then changing the section, and then getting the shots in time again! After all of this, I put the foley sounds in. I recorded the alarm clock ringing in production, so I put that in over the top on the alarm clock shots to give it bit more texture and edge. Then, I realised that the video didn’t look right without a bang at the end when the teeth got smashed, so I went on the internet to find a sound and I finally found one that has a nice ring at the end.