This whole week was all focused on the research for the production. The first thing I did was look at all the websites that I gathered when making my original bibliography and read through them to find any facts and helpful things that I didn’t know before, and then I wrote them down on a big piece of paper so I had a bunch of notes that I could write up and talk about how it will help my production. The first things that I researched about was pre-production and production, which isn’t fully finished. From doing this research I learnt what that a B-Roll was the shots that you cut to to get away from all of the action, as a bit of a breather for the audience. It also reminded me to bring as many back up batteries and memory cards as possible because I know I will forget. Gordon also taught me how to prevent getting a glare on your camera, by putting a towel over your head and the camera.

The second thing I did was set up a survey to post on Facebook to narrow down my target audience. I made a survey to get to know my audience with questions like, ‘what social media do you prefer?’ and ‘what do you in your spare time?’. I got 66 responses on my survey, and they helped me a lot. I learnt from my survey that I will need to make my video humorous so that it interests the audience I’m trying to target, since most of them have the age of 16 through to 20 years old. I also found out that I will have to make my video pretty persuasive as most of my audience go on hot and relaxing holidays, rather than sporty or adventurous holidays. All of the things I found out from this primary research will help me when I’m planning the video as it will help me know what to include in my video and how to portray the genre to the audience to make it captivating.

I then watched 6 different videos on youtube and wrote down the codes and conventions that were included in the video, so that I know what the genre’s codes and conventions are to include in my video. This has helped me with my video as I now know what to include in my video, I already knew but that was a visualisation in my head rather than written codes. I found out that most adventure films have a voice over most of the film to let the audience know exactly what’s happening in the shot, rather than having a physical person explaining the situation. Some of them do have a physical person explaining, but then the editor has cut over scenic or action shots so that it’s not too much of the person. I have also noticed that most videos have emotional or dramatic music to set the mood to the film, which is what I’ll do in my production because I think it makes the film a lot better.

Overall, from the second week I have researched a lot of things about my production. I now know how to film the best quality production without glare from the sun, how to make it capitative for the audience and just in general, and also the codes and conventions I will include in my production. Next week I will be preparing and presenting my pitch for my idea to be chosen to be filmed, I will be presenting to the class and my teachers. I will also be doing some additional research into the production.