On this week we prepared out pitch and performed our pitch to the class and our teachers to persuade them to pick my film idea to be chosen to be filmed. On Monday, I started to branch out idea’s to put in my pitch so that people are informed about my idea. When I started doing my presentation, I kept looking back at my proposal to know exactly what to put into my presentation. I started my presentation off with a slide to tell everyone the basic idea of my film, which was to have my dad cycle on one of the harder mountain biking routes in the Peak District for the first time to show influence younger people to get out there and live their lives, but also to show older people that they can do whatever they want and don’t let age limit their abilities. I then did a slide about my target audience, which was a hard slide to do as my idea didn’t really have a target audience. This is because  I was targeting everyone. Targeting the younger generation so that they’re like “Oh, a 60 year old can do it, I need to get more active” but also the older generation so that they think “oh god, he’s older than me/my age and doing active things, I should start doing it too”. I then did a slide about location, which will obviously be in the Peak District but I explained how it will be one of the explorer mountain biking routes, with some pictures of some shots that I’m going to try and recreate. I also did a slide on how I want the look of my film to be by putting down some shots i’m going to do and how I’ll use a go pro and do interviews with my dad to get his thoughts/feelings throughout the route. I also put on how I’m going to put calm music over the top.

Before doing my pitch I was really worried because I had never done a presentation in front of more than two people before and I got really worried, and once I did it I spoke really quickly and it was over quicker than I expected which annoyed me because I feel like I didn’t explain everything in as much detail as I could’ve. And that’s why I think my idea wasn’t picked. Finally, on Friday everyone wrote down their top 3 ideas and 5 ideas got picked. I was put into Dylan’s group as a cinematographer. Next week I will be doing research and pre-production for this new project I’ve been assigned for, this will include a lot of research into the cinematography and a textual analysis.