This week I did a lot of research. I started off by doing a textual analysis of The A Word, a tame drama that’s focused mainly on one person, a young boy called Joe. I picked the first few scenes to analyse since it starts off in the Lake District, a very scenic place similar to the setting I’ll be shooting in. I broke down every shot and explained why it’s used, and I also explained the use of sound throughout. From doing this I found some good idea’s of shots and how to compose them. I also realised the significance of making every shot mean something and tell the audience something with every shot I use. This gave me the idea of using low contrast shots at the start of the project to symbolise the boring life Dylan leads at the start, and also to be repetitive so that the audience gets a good feel for how Dylan feels. And then, as soon as Dylan finds the outdoors I will use high contrasted shots to symbolise the brightness that’s just been lit inside of him.

The research I did after this was product design. For this I googled a lot of high contrasted shots and low contrasted shots and also some good shots of Mam Tor, the location we’re going to be shooting in. I collected these images together and explained how I’m going to use low contrasted shots at the start for a sense of boredom, and then as soon as it changes I’m going to use high contrasted shots to symbolise the happiness, relaxation and refreshment Dylan (as a character) will be feeling in the film. The images I put on the document as very good inspiration for when I’m shooting. I also said about how at the start I’m going to use fast editing that’s going to get faster until he wakes up finally, on the new day and the editing is going to slow down to a more relaxing speed.

I then did some testing shots with the new effects put on the cameras and some lenses to see which one’s I’ll need on the shoot. I used cinemode for the first time which makes everything a lot more details but dulls out the colour which you then need to correct in the edit. I thought that this would be good to use for all of the film, but not to colour correct it for the start since it needs to be low contrast. However, I’ll colour correct the other footage to bring out all of the bright colours. I then tested the three different lenses. I found out that 55mm is really good for wide shots as it captures more than the eye can see, so it’s perfect for establishing shots. Also, it has good aperture so if I’m wanting to do a reaction shot of Dylan but still have a blurred out vision of the view, that would be perfect. The 75-300mm lens is good because it has as good of an aperture as the 55mm but also can zoom in a lot for any close ups, but also can do a really good pull focus from a distance.

I also did a shot list for the production which has broken down most of the shots so that I know a basis of what I need and the duration of them. I also printed a log sheet because it makes like a lot easier on the shoot. Shot List

Overall, this week has helped me gain inspiration and though towards the product and gave me a better understanding of the cinematography for the film. Next week I’ll be continuing on more research before shooting the film on Wednesday and Thursday, and finally starting the edit on Friday.