I started this week off with finishing off some research I needed to do before filming. On Monday I made survey and posted it on social media specifying that the target audience (16-25 year olds) can only answer this. This survey was to get an idea of what cinematography and editing techniques inspired people the most. On Tuesday I collected the answers and information and analysed them. From doing this piece of research I found out that my initial cinematography and editing idea’s will entice and inspire people. I found out that high contrasted shots inspired people the most, which is great because I was planning on using them in the first place. Every answer was answered perfectly to the views I had of the project in my head.

On Wednesday, we started filming the project. We got given a call sheet for both days of filming and this helped me know exactly where I was going to be and what times I was able to take a break. It also has the weather forecasts on there so that I knew how to dress and what to bring, and where we were going to go. This helped a lot when we were out filming considering we kept looking back at it to see where we were going next, and what time’s we were doing things. Our group was dropped off in Castleton whilst everyone else proceeded to Mam Tor. Our initial plan was to shoot all of the jogging scenes for the bad, and boring days that Dylan has in the film. We filmed a few shots of him jogging in various places so that we all could chose which ones we preferred, and so we had a choice when we started to edit. I filmed the footage in cinemode so that I can enhance the colours easier. After lunch, we started to do the beginning shots of the happy day where he finally see’s the lovely scenery behind him. After thinking about it, we thought that on Thursday we were just going to stay in the Valley for all of the filming, rather than going up to Mam Tor like planned. This made it easier for Thursday as we knew where we were going and had a good sense of what shot we are able/wanting to get.

On Thursday, we did some more filming in the Peak District. We carried on filming in Castleton in the morning to get more footage to contribute to the footage we got yesterday. We got more footage of Dylan jogging through the valley from further up in the valley. We also got some drone footage from different angles to get some birds eye view shots to show the emptiness of the valley to emphasise the fact that it’s just Dylan, and to symbolise that he’s away from all of the stress and hassle of work. We then went up to Surprise View and Padley Gorge to see if we can get any more footage from there. We walked up to Surprise View and got some good footage of Dylan at the edge and looking over the really good view, and his expression to seeing the view. We had a problem when we were filming in Castleton because a school trip had arrived and they were in shot when we tried to film, so we had to wait a while for them to move so that we could get the best footage we could.

Next week I’m going to be researching about colour correction, including doing some experiments myself on Final Cut Pro. I’m going to also be helping Dylan do the edit and give him any pointers if I think he could change on the draft edit. I am also going to be shooting some more of the film that didn’t need to be shot at the Peak District.