On this week we started on our post-production. We put all of the footage, including the audio, onto Final Cut Pro as a project. We then put the footage onto Maddy’s computer so that she can sync all of the foley audio we have to the footage, to make it easier for Dylan to do the rough draft edit. Once the syncing was done, we put the footage onto Dylan’s computer so that he can do a rough edit to get a sense of the order and the feel of the film. The problem is, that we don’t have all of the footage yet because some of it needs to be filmed in college (when Dylan is wearing a suit), and at Dylan’s house. Once Dylan has done the rough cut, we will be putting that, again, onto Maddy’s computer so that she can put the chosen music and audio over the top, and maybe cut it in time now that there is a music to be cut to. Once that’s done, the edit will be coming onto my computer so that I can do the final cuts, any editing that needs touching up, and also all of the colour correction. This is especially important since I filmed the footage in Cinemode, which grades the colour out. It’s also important because I have researched about how different colours give a different feel to a film.

Since the footage is still on Dylans computer because not all of the footage has been filmed, I haven’t been able to do any of the edit yet. So, this week I have been doing more research into cinematography, especially about colour correction and how it gives a feel to the film. I have learnt about the different types of colours you can have from the book If It’s purple, someone’s going to die. You can get an ‘Idyllic Yellow’, ‘Warm Blue’ and ‘Fantastic Purple’. I have learnt about what all of these colours symbolise and why it would be good to enhance those colours in my film to make the audience feel inspired to go to the Peak District. I also did some primary research into colour correction and colour corrected some of the footage myself on Final Cut Pro to enhance the colours and make them more powerful.

On the Friday we finally did some filming, we went into the edit suit and made it look like an office. We then did a lot of shots in there with Dylan acting really bored of work and fed up. Some of the shots were really hard to do since I wanted them to be angled from behind the camera, and such. This mean we had to move the furniture and I had to get down to different angles to get the shots I wanted. Fortunately, the turned out good. Dylan then put this footage onto his computer and fitted them with the other footage we have of the opening scene, and picked which ones he wanted. The rest of the footage we needed to film was put into Dylan’s hands, since we weren’t allowed on the location (Dylan’s house), him and his friend from our course did it.

At the end of this week, I have learnt a lot about different colours and how they’re used to portray meaning in film. I’ve also done a lot of testing the footage and colour correcting it to get it how I want it to look like.