On this week we did our evaluation since the final tweaks to the edit were finished and we had to look back at our work and evaluate every aspect to see what was good and what wasn’t. I started the evaluation with an introduction to what the brief was and my proposal and said what my initial idea was. I then said about what role I did in the production we actually did. I then went onto writing what planning I did for my initial idea, which wasn’t that much considering I wasn’t sure whether my idea was going to be picked, so I didn’t do things like a shot list and storyboard. The planning I did was look into some cycling routes and research my target audience. I then went on to say about the planning I did for Dylan’s idea, which only was the shot list that I wrote. I then went on to say about the research I did for my initial idea, which was basic research such as how to film certain shots, how to record sound without getting a lot of wind noise, how to plan the recruit effectively and about adventure films and they’re codes and convections. I then did research into Dylan’s idea, which consisted of two details textual analysis’s, a lot of target audience surveys, colour correction techniques and how to produce a successful film.

I then went on to talk about the actual product, I wrote about whether the product fits it’s purpose or not, and how it fits the purpose. I wrote about what codes and conventions I found from previous research are also the same as my film, which makes it an adventure film, and what codes and conventions I didn’t use and whether they would’ve actually worked in the film or not. I then said a lot about my role as cinematographer, and whether I was happy with how I fulfilled the role. I was happy with most of the shots that I took, considering there was aspects like the sun ruining my vision of the screen of the camera. I explained which shots I liked, and which shots I didn’t. I then said about my opinion on the overall film and whether I like it or not, and whether I think it works for the purpose and target audience. I then did a big conclusion evaluating everything I did and my opinion on it all, to round it all off.