My name is Emily and I’m interested in being a director and I have a lot of experience in the TV and Film area, doing many different jobs, especially directing and cinematography.

Work experience/volunteering 

I have worked for The Sheffield Sharks doing the mixing desk and being a director for their introducing screens in front of the green screen. From this experience I have learnt how big companies work and how fast paced big productions are and what it’s like working with real subjects. I have also worked for The Emergency Services Museum by doing a promotional video for their company. From this, I have learnt how it was to work in a public space to create a production successfully. Finally, I worked for Georgia Ball Productions helping her with a documentary short film. On this production I was a runner, gaining experience and observing what its like to be on a real documentary set. Overall, from doing loads of work experience with these companies I have gained an understanding of time management and what its like to be working in fast paced environments for a real client.

I have also done productions with college, working on productions for myself and other teams. One example was that I directed, filmed and edited a montage about dreams gaining experience on what it’s like to plan, produce and edit a short film to fit it’s purpose. Another example was that I worked as a cinematographer on my friends film, meaning I filmed the footage and then colour corrected the footage so that the colours are relatable to the audience. I also learnt how to interoperate the research and knowledge I gained before filming the footage, to improve the quality of the final product.

Multimedia experience

The past two years I have gained experience working with Canon 550D’s, since I film with them in every production I have been involved with. For example, the montage and adventure film I filmed in my first year (examples in my showreel). I also have gained skills with editing footage (Final Cut Pro X) together to create a film that fits a purpose. When I made a montage on reccurring dreams with the purpose to scare the audience, I edited it using fast pacing cuts and many trippy effects over the top to fit this purpose. For the adventure film, I have gained experience with continuity editing, meaning I am able to fit the editing techniques I use to the purpose of the film. I also have experience recording and mixing audio, especially doing foley sounds to silent films. I watched a silent film whilst recording audio accordingly to the sounds in the film, where I then mixed and edited to fit the correct movements on the screen.


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Curriculum Vitae

Emily Sutton

Crewe Cottage, Tapton Hamlet, Brimington, Chesterfield. S43 1QQ

Tel:  07805098384



I have worked for The Sheffield Shark doing the mixing desk and being a director for their introducing screens in front of the green screen.

I have also worked for The Emergency Services Museum by doing a promotional video for their company. Finally, I worked for Georgia Ball Productions helping her with a documentary short film.

I have smaller work experience by working on college productions in a TV studio using multi cam, and also single camera. All of these experiences I have gained major time management skills and patience to create the best production I possibly can.


Sheffield City College (Hillsborough)

September 2015 – present

Currently studying towards a level 3 extended Diploma in Creative Media: TV, Film and Commercial. This course gives me the opportunity to learn and gain the experience in the TV and film industry.

Outwood Academy Portland – Worksop

September 2010 – May 2015

  • GCSE ICT (IGCSE) A* (2015)
  • GCSE Business Studies A (2014)
  • GCSE English Language A (2015)
  • GCSE Media Studies A (2015)
  • GCSE Mathematics A (2014)
  • GCSE English Literature B (2015)
  • GCSE Additional Science B (2015)
  • GCSE Core Science B (2015)
  • GCSE Spanish C (2013)
  • GCSE History C (2013)
  • GCSE D+T – Graphic Products             C (2013)
  • GCSE Art + Design – Fine Art C (2013)
  • L2 Certificate in Further Maths A (2015)
  • ECDL in IT Application Skills                       Dist* (2015)
  • OCR L2 National First Award in ICT              Merit (2013)

Personal Profile:

Personal profile: I am very hardworking and well-motivated; this means that in team activities I would be considered as someone who likes to lead. I am also very sociable, friendly and trustworthy, I mix well with at all levels and enjoy being part of a team but can also apply myself well individually.

Objectives: I am aspiring to become a camera woman who travels the world to film different TV Programmes/Films. However, I would also like to work in the Music or Radio industry, as a producer. I am not quite sure which direction I would prefer the most, but I am hoping the course will guide me.

Education: 2010-Current at Outwood Academy Portland. I achieved 3 GCSE’s at grade C, and a BTEC at a merit, whilst in year 9. I also achieved 4 GCSE’s (C-A) in year 10, including Maths and English Literature. I am going to take a further 5 GCSE’s in year 11, including an AS level in Maths. Our school doesn’t do any work experience, however I went out of my way to get myself a Part-time job and achieved this goal by getting a job in a Cafe every Saturday.

Interests: I enjoyed achieving my Bronze Duke of Edinburgh award. I liked spending a weekend with my friends and building relationships with them that has continued to grow. I have also learnt skills in orienteering and cooking. Finally, for my DofE award I volunteered at school tutoring year 5’s maths to help them with their SAT exams.

I also enjoy music. I like to listen to music a lot whilst doing most things, and going to live gigs of my favourite bands. But I also enjoy playing music, with my three guitars, my piano and my singing voice. However, I do not desire to perform in public.

I like to travel around the world. I also take a lot of photographs whilst on my travels. For example, I have recently travelled to Iceland and took many great photos of the amazing sights we saw. And again, I went on a sailing holiday to Greece and took many pictures of the scenery around the Greek islands views too. This is also another reason why I would like to travel the rest of the world, to take many great photographs and maybe start making a short film about my gap year.

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