This week I had finished my edit. My edit wasn’t perfect, but it was the best I could do with the footage and the time I had. At the end of the week, I showed my footage to the class where they gave me critiques about the film on many aspects (concept, camera work, sound, editing). Overall, my class said that the concept worked well and was easily interrupted from the film. They also said that most of the camera work was good, apart from the ones that were noisy due to the lighting situation when I was filming. They also explained that they noticed some of the footage that was very dark and the colouring was very off. Additionally, they explained how they liked the sound that I had recorded, but there should be a lot more foley sound and the music should build up to a bigger impact to symbolise the impact of Leo finally coming out into the world as Ava. Finally, they enjoyed the flow of the editing and didn’t notice the purposeful jolted editing that I put in. Conclusively the final showing went well since they gave resolutions to the places where I went wrong and explained what they would like to see in the final film.