This week I looked through my script and edited a lot of it. My original script wasn’t in script format, therefore I had to edit it to make it exactly like a film script. I then gained feedback from my teacher, which meant that the start of the proof of concept script wasn’t as strong as the rest of the script, meaning I needed to re-write the script to make it a more powerful opening. This took up quite a lot of the day, because I had to think about every shot I was going to use and how I’m going to have the actor acting to be effective. After this, I then started doing my shot list and thinking thoroughly about what shots I’m going to use and how they will  create an emotion to the film. I haven’t completed my shot list yet, which is a bad outcome to this week.

I then started putting up my social media (Twitter and Facebook). At first, I didn’t have a name for my film so to solve this I googled unique female baby names and the did a class vote to which one they prefer. I’ve used this as my film name because It’s going to be my characters name after the transition, I also think it leaves the film to be mysterious as the audience won’t know exactly what the films about, they’ll be asking – ‘Who is Ava?’. I wasn’t very organised with the photography I’ll be using on my page since I didn’t have any idea on how I was going to do it without the actors. I didn’t want to use my face because I didn’t think that was relevant to the film. At the last minute I thought about whether I knew anyone who had prominent feminine features, once I found someone I asked them to pose and twirl for photos to look happy. This will symbolise how happy Ava is going to be after the transition, and gives a subtle hint to my film yet also leaving is mysterious.

Overall, this week I have sorted out my script and also my social media.  I think for these I could’ve been more organised and prepared. I could’ve already formatted my script in the professional way so that I wasn’t waisting time doing this in class. I also could’ve had a film name idea before I made my social media, again, so that I wasn’t waisting time during class and I could’ve been more productive with other activities. Finally, I could’ve had an idea to what profile picture and header I was going to use, so that I wasn’t leaving it all to the last minute. Next week, I’m going to try and do more work at home and become more prepared with my work to make the most effective and fought through proof of concept I can.