This week I started doing a storyboarding my proof of concept, which I didn’t finish. However, I did finish my health and safety form, my original formal proposal, shot list and my location recce. The health and safety form was pretty easy to fill out, however one scene is where my subject is in the bath which is a health and safety risk for the actor and the crew. The proposal was also easy to do now that I knew exactly what film I was going to be making, and the purpose. Also, the location recce was also another easy part of pre-production since the location is in a small residential area, meaning there is no road noise or background noise apart from other people in the house. Finally, I finished my shot list this week which took a lot of pressure off to be able to finally get filming next weekend.

At the end of the week I was the subject for my classmates documentary, meaning that all of my focus was on being prepared as the actor than the director. Overall, I have completed quite a lot of pre-production, including my dragged out shot list. Even though I didn’t finish my storyboarding, I did finish quite a lot of pre-production to finally be able to film.