The start of this week I helped my friend with her production, however on the weekend I finally started filming. Once my sound operator had got to the location, we realised that she has forgotten to bring the boom with her, despite bringing the marantz kit. Therefore, we got a bamboo stick and a lot of tape to create our own boom. Once we had finally ran the bath and got the actor into it, to start filming the first part of the proof of concept my camera ran out of battery. I went to go and get the spare battery, which I came to realise was also out of battery too. I then looked for the charger, which was not in the bag. To overcome this really big problem I called up my dad who didn’t live far away from the location, and borrowed his camera. Once we had this camera up and running, we once again tried to start filming. The colours of the shot on my dads camera was a lot more yellow than on the other camera, which will cause a problem for me with the editing. Since we only needed my sound op for a few shots, we got those shots done first. By the time my sound op was gone, we tried to film more shots however I was only using natural light and it had already gone dark, so we had to stop for the night and charge everything.

Second day of filming was a lot more successful since it was bright and there was a lot of natural light to film with. We also had a lot more motivation to get everything done quickly but thoroughly, so that I could finally have a look at colour correcting some of the shots that are very yellow. We only had one small problem with lighting on the second day, and that was just because I was blocking the sunlight from the window. However, the last day of filming went very well and successful. Overall, I shouldn’t triple checked the bag for a charger and charged the batteries before hand rather than relying on other people. Despite the setbacks, the filming went better than expected and I feel like I have gained some really good shots and sounds.