This week I started editing my film. When editing I came across the problems of colour correcting, considering that my footage wasn’t all natural colours and quite a bit of it was reds and dark due to the camera change during the filming. This was one problem with editing my film since the exposure of the film was very high, meaning that when I put it into Final Cut Pro it was extremely grainy and noisy, especially when I attempted to colour correct it. Another problem that I faced was trying to get the footage to flow smoothly and to have the continuity correct. Since I made the mistake of not filming the footage properly with continuity, it made it harder for me to be able to edit it to flow. I had many attempts of slowing and speeding up the footage to try and make a bigger impact overall, however I changed it many times by the time I was finished.

Overall, this week I have face many problems due to editing my footage because of the colours and the continuity flow of the film.