I showed my final proof of concept to my class and teachers to gain some feedback on whether I pursued the concept effectively, and to gain some idea’s on how I can improve for the final short film. First of all, my class said that the concept was portrayed correctly and effectively, being relatable to trans people. They also explained how it’s realistic, rather than pursuing Leo as a drag queen and over exaggerating. Finally, they told me that the film definitely has a market for it considering that there aren’t many transgender short films around, and the ones that are out there are usually female to male trans. From my original research on conventions of films about transgenderism, I found that they mostly face their fears and then become a lot happier. Even though I tried to portray this I didn’t as effectively as I wanted to. The genre of my film is social realism, meaning that it’s documentary content but in a staged environment. Most of my film fitted this genre, apart from the jump cuts in the montage stage of the film which makes it less realistic than it’s meant to be portrayed in this genre. However, I put these jump cuts in the film to emphasise the disjointed thoughts and feelings Leo was feeling at this stage on the film. Overall, the concept works brilliantly meaning that I won’t have to change my idea.

My class had a few things to point out about my editing, including some of the continuity being wrong. Another thing is that the impact of the film was lost because of the black screen before the title screen came on, which I will change when I do the final film because I’m wanting to get the biggest impact as possible. The antisocial realistic jump cuts are also good because they’re not very noticeable, but noticeable enough to understand why they are used. They also said that the music needs more of a fade and not to start and finish too abruptly, even the underwater sounds. However, I wanted the underwear sounds to stop abruptly because it adds to the effect of sudden realisation. The music would also work a lot better going in time with the jump cuts, which I will try to do in the final film because I will have the music custom made again. When I did my original research I found that most of the films have cold but natural colours, which inspired me for my proof of concept. That’s why my colours have natural lighting but are cold and sort of yellow, because it emphasises the cold feeling of the film. I also found that most of the films has aspects of slow motion editing, my original edit contained slow motion but then I realised it didn’t look as nice and effective as I thought it would, so I took it out. Overall, the edit needs a lot of work doing to it because the continuity and impact was lost because of the edit quality. Therefore, I will think more about the edit for the final film and make sure that everything is thought through in detail and made perfect.

They thought that the first shot used was ‘cracking’, giving it a really good impact and extremely memorable. However, they think that I should’ve used closer shots for the bra search scene in the proof of concept to emphasise the importance of the bra finding for the transition. This also applies to the scene where Leo is feeling his body in disappointment, that I should’ve used more feminine parts of the body to emphasise on to make it more obvious that Leo was disappointed with all of the male aspects of his body. Finally, they said how the footage was too noisy with the ISO way too high, meaning that on my final film I need to get more light rather than just upping the exposer to try and fix the problem. Overall, the shots were composed and thought through very nicely, however the exposer was way too high making the shots too noisy.

Finally, the sound. The music that was costume made for the film needed to pick up at the end to emphasise the happiness going through Leo’s mind when she’s walking as Ava with confidence out of the house. The film also needs a lot more foley sounds to build up the layers of the film to create a more realistic feel. The sort of foley sounds that I need is like the room tone, walking, clothing movement, etc, etc. However, the class did say that they liked the sounds in the beginning and they have a very good impact for the start of the film. Overall, the sound needs more layers to it so that it sounds a lot more realistic and that the music needs to be slightly more appropriate to the mood.

Overall, my proof of concept worked well to show me where my idea’s worked well and where the didn’t. This is good because it means I can improve for the final film, to make it as good as possible. I also know that the concept in itself is a good idea and that I have the skill and knowledge to be able to portray it in a film, and to give it a good impact. For my final film I will be taking all of my mistakes into consideration and improving on them. For example, I will plan my lighting effectively and bring many lights to the set, with my experienced actor whom will be able to portray the feelings of Leo effectively.