When evaluating my Facebook campaign I found that it was successful. I found that with every post there was a small increase in views and likes, for example my first post received 149 views but only 4 likes and 1 share, where as my latest post ‘proof of concept finished’ received 626 views, 34 likes and 53 post engagements, reaching over 1,400 people. I also found that all of the comments on this post are positive, with an example of someone commenting “This is amazing”. This shows that the progression on the page has increased, meaning that I have targeted the audience pretty well to be able to gain more likes and viewers on my posts. One difference between my first post and my most popular is that my first post was plain since it was just my profile picture being uploaded with no content. However, on my last, I used the technique of uploading the final proof of concept video, which is more intriguing to the audience I’m targeting. From this, you can see that the people have become engaged with the film throughout the middle posts, waiting for the proof of concept to be uploaded.  I found from the analytics of my page is that, over half of the views on this post were ‘unique viewers’; which shows that the shares from my audience were successful and that they panned across the social media platform. This is good because it shows my audience genuinely have an interest in my film rather than a paid interest from an advert on Facebook. Finally, I tried to make my page as interesting as possible by including techniques such as pictures, videos and sharing other pages posts. I think these worked to gain an audience since the posts I including visual media gained more views than the others. Additionally, by sharing other posts about the LGBT and trans community helped show my support and gain likes from people who are also interested in that page.

In the future, I will include other techniques. These include cinemographs, polls and gifs to attract the audience even further, potentially gaining more likes and interest in my page. I regret not including these techniques because it cut me off from a wider and greater audience that I could’ve potentially attracted. Overall, my social media on Facebook was rather successful for a small student film. However, on Twitter it wasn’t that successful with only a few followers, therefore I stopped going on the Twitter since it didn’t seem to be reaching an audience. I will also be sharing more LGBT pages and posting on their pages trying to promote my film and page to gain more of a relatable audience.

When looking into my Crowdfunding site, at this current time the donations the film has been given is £95. However, this is nowhere near the target of £300 I wanted to achieve. I think this is because, despite the amount of research I put into my crowdfunder, I haven’t interacted with the page or posted regular updates. This campaign interacted with their audience a lot by regularly uploading updates to the film and having a more explained introduction and impact for the film. Also,the film that I’ve put onto my crowdfunder has only just been put up, since it was the proof of concept. I think this has given me a negative effect of having a lot under the targeted amount of funds for my film. To boost the amount of money, I’m thinking about trying to do another crowdfunder on a different website and plan it out a lot more effectively and professionally to gain a bigger response.