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Why Event Management? To explain this, I need to first set the scene; it was October 2009 and I was ten years old enjoying my holiday with my family in Egypt. After almost 10 days of glorious sun, lots of beer (for the adults) and plenty of time in the pool I could see that the unentertaining, entertainment at the hotel was getting very tedious. This is when my idea struck, I spent the morning planning and then the afternoon distributing handmade leaflets to the bored holiday makers that there was to be a ‘Pool Olympics’ in the main pool the following day at 12 noon. Planning what seemed like the most exciting event the hotel had ever seen gave me an enormous buzz, but no more so than the buzz I felt watching the fun, laughter, splashing and cheating. The event was such a good success, the hotel entertainment staff decided that they would introduce this to their normal program of entertainment. Ever since the buzz I gained from organising the ‘Pool Olympics’ in 2009, I have have enjoyed the success of well planned events, such as school plays and choir performances, many of which I was involved with. Today I enjoy attending a variety of events such as festivals, classical concerts and film festivals where I find myself fascinated by the level of hard work and organisation which is employed to make an event successful. It is for this reason I want to be part of the team that makes it all happen by contributing my creativity, organisational skills and forward thinking. My chosen career would be the musical side of events management, such as concerts and festivals. My recent studies in Media (TV and Film Production) have helped my desire to be involved in the Event Industry because I have found a greater pull towards the direction of film as opposed to the mechanics of filming. I believe this has enabled me to nurture my organisational and creative skills. When creating films on my course I’ve had to plan a lot of factors before the actual production. Pre-production is the second longest aspect of the process. This includes finding my target audience and learning how to target them to watch my films, also planning everything down to the smallest detail such as why every camera angle and sound effect is used. I had to organise many things such as a production team, gaining skills to be able to work in a team effectively. For many of my productions I had to do a presentation in front of the class, which has improved my confidence. I work hard in everything I do, I apply myself to my studies and understand that a good education will give me an excellent grounding for the future. I have also held a part-time job since I was thirteen years old and have always demonstrated a good work ethic. I communicate well with people at all levels and consider myself to be polite, friendly and well mannered. I also volunteered and completed my Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award giving evidence of my ability to plan, organise and execute but also be flexible enough to deal with the unexpected. I aspire to be able to travel with my career if it opens up the opportunity, and events management means I can do this. I would love to be able to see many different parts of the world and experience many cultures and how their events are different to the ones in the UK. I enjoy photography which means that when I’m planning events I can promote it visually on social media, also for my final year of college we have a unit all about promoting our film and creating a buzz that will entertain my audience. By offering me a place at your University, you’ll be gaining an enthusiastic, creative student with transferable skills and a passion to succeed.