Title: Exploring the techniques in modern British Social Realism.


By exploring this subject, I will gain the knowledge of modern social realistic techniques so that I’m able incorporate these techniques in my film. I will be able to gain a broader understanding of the genre and will be able to know the deeper meaning of British Social Realism and involve the traditional and modern techniques into my film. This will also help my final film be blatantly known in the British Social Realism genre. By doing this report I will also be able to understand how to make a gritty film that is realistic and will learn how to create an impact. Another subject I could’ve explored could’ve been transgenderism in film, however since there isn’t many films on this subject I thought exploring social realism would’ve been the most informative subject.

About your work:

The main subject that I will be researching about will be how the genre has developed throughout the years, briefly going into the older history of the genre to widen my knowledge. I want to be able to investigate the modern techniques of British Social Realism, to be able to understand how I will be creating an effective impact to my target audience. I will be doing a lot of secondary research, by reading at least four books, one journal and many websites. I will also be watching some social realistic tv programmes or films to be able to understand the practical techniques of the genre. I have already looked at many websites about the older history and many directors and how they film. Recently, I watched This Is England ’90 to be able to understand the gritty and raw narrative of British Social Realism. By already doing some research I know some basic details about the subject, meaning that I just need to explore more in depth to be able to gain the full understanding to improve my filmmaking skills in my final project. My filmmaking skills will improve by understanding the modern techniques of British Social Realism techniques rather than only the stereotypical techniques.


I will be testing m y research by doing my own primary research on the genre and the techniques involved. I will chose a technique that I have found is effective and a popular convention of British Social Realism and test it out myself. For example, if the technique was the colours used in the films/TV programmes I will film a short one minute film using these colours, and editing to get the colours, to be able to test if it will work well with the film I am proposing to finally make. I will test the chosen technique against my film proposal so that I’m able to understand whether the technique will work well on the film I will be producing.