Centre Name & Number The Sheffield College


Candidate Name Emily Sutton
Candidate Number 82931
Pathway Tv, Film and Commercial
Project Title FMP Short film – Ava
Section 1: Rationale (Approx 150 words)
My film is going to inform the audience about transgender transitions and how they come to the conclusion of who they really are. It’s also going to challenge stereotypical ideas of male to female transgenders, as many people think that they’re just in drag. There’s a gap in the market for this film because most of the transgender films that are made female to male transition and are usually upsetting since they think that the the whole progress is hard. There is one main successful product on this subject, ‘The Danish Girl’, however I don’t think many people, especially males, will have watched the film because they will think it’s a ‘chick flick’. The skills I have developed over the two years have been time management and being able to plan a film effectively, for example when I planned and shot a montage in my first year. I’ve also gained cinematography skills and sound operating skills. This is good compared to when I first started this course, this is because I didn’t have these time management skills that I have now. Also, I’m able to make a better looking and sounding film than I had before, which will help me with this film because it’ll be more appealing to the audience. For example, I planned and filmed a montage short film which turned out successful in the time frame and with my newly found cinematography skills. This film will challenge me because I’m going to have to make my film emotional and connect with the audience, however I did a specialistic report on Social Realism and how that specific genre emphasises emotion. For example, I’ll be using realistic dialogue and not censoring it to emphasise the impact of peoples words on Leo. A skill I need to develop is my lighting and camerawork skills, this is because when filming my proof of concept I didn’t plan my equipment effectively by not bringing any lighting. This resulted in my footage being noisy, especially when trying to colour correct. Finally, my aspirations for this film is for it to become successful on social media so that I’m able to fulfil the purpose of informing my audience how transgender people actually are by challenging stereotypes. My long term aspirations are for it to be submitted into a film festival, an LGBT one.
Section 2: Project Concept (Approx 200 words)
Ava is about a teenage boy before and during the transition. The film is going to start with Leo being confused about his gender and who he really is, and the research and how he realised that he’s transgender. Then going on to him telling some close friends that he’s transgender and would rather be known as ‘Ava’, before she goes through the struggle of telling her parents and not knowing how they’re going to react. Once coming out to close friends and family, she decides to go to a party as ‘Ava’ and come out to everyone finally starting her transition. The whole story is going to be based on the research I gained from interviewing my transgender friends, gaining knowledge on the struggles and the happiness they gain from finally becoming who they really are. From interviewing my friends I found out that all of them came out to everyone via social media, because they knew that we a reliable source to inform family and friends of their feelings. I also found that most of them had a hard time coming out to some specific people, however had some really supportive people. These aspects will definitely be included in my film. Another aspect is how they researched the thoughts and feelings they had on the internet, resulting in the conclusion of them being transgender. I’m going to be doing some research into the costume and props that I’ll need some relevant mis en scene stuff to put into the settings. It’s going to be in depth with the thoughts and feelings that Leo/Ava feels throughout the transition, before during and after, to inform that audience on how people feel in this situation and how any harmful words hurt. The lighting is going to look natural (despite using some LED’s), going along side the natural locations and non-professional actors. I’ll be using lights, cameras and real locations in my film, rather than using TV studio and a lot of different artificial things. All of these conventions will add to the feel of the film, making it a lot more realistic and believable. The locations will be real places and not sets, only consisting of a few locations to help the film be simple and emphasising on the character and not anything else. I’ll be presenting the film on YouTube and film festivals. Finally, I’ll be using the classes productively and effectively. To do this, I have made an action plan and planned everything out to what I’m going to be doing exactly on the days, am and pm.
Section 3: Evaluation (Approx 150 words)
To evaluate my work I’m going to be doing weekly reflective journals to see how well I’ve been working during the week and whether I’m on track or not. I’m going to reflecting on what I did in the week and how well I have fulfilled the task and what I’m going to be doing next week. I’ll be giving an analytical review to the past week rather than descriptive. By doing reflective journals, it will effect me positively by letting me have chance to understand what I’m going to be doing next week and what I need to improve on for my work. I’ll be working collaboratively with my classmates by doing focus groups with them if I need an opinion on something to input in my film. I’ll be recording my decision making in my reflective journal and into my research. At the end of the project I will do a screening of my film to the class where they will critique it in categories (such as ‘camerawork’ and ‘sound), so that I’m able to evaluate where I went wrong and what I did well. Finally, by evaluating the film conclusively I’ll be able to know where my strengths and weaknesses are on my filmmaking skills so that I’m able to build on the weaknesses in the future.





27/02/2017 Contexts and Critical Perspectives Rationale and Concept – Proposal Action Plan Finish proposal and action plan Reflective journal
06/03/2017 Script planning – brief storyline and character building Start looking for actors – put an advert on starnow.com
13/03/2017 Start script writing – the beginning.

Looking at potential actors.

Finish the beginning

Looking at actors

Looking at actors

Start middle of script

Finish the middle of the script

Look at actors

Check actors

Check script

20/03/2017 Start the end of the script

Look at actors

Finish the end of the script.

Look at actors

Finish the script and tweak it Research into the script – any tweaks need doing? Sort out actors and tell them about when/where script read throughs are.
27/03/2017 Sort out any script tweaks that need doing Shot list start and complete.

Shooting order start and complete shooting order.

Shot list start and complete.

Shooting order start and complete shooting order.

Start and complete scene breakdown Finish off anything that needs doing (shot list, etc) (Secondary research) Looking at locations, asking people about filming places etc.

Booking times for location recce’s (location recce as and when)

(Primary research)

Lighting tests in the TV studio – a few people in natural lighting with my added lighting.

Any tweaks that need to be made to get a merit
03/04/2017 Start and complete call sheets for production Script read through Any tweaks that need to be made to get a merit
24/04/2017 (Secondary research) Camera and sound techniques – for creating emotion and continuity. (Primary research)

Camera tests in TV studio – place class mates in positions that characters are going to be. Do a fake scene.

Complete location recce and approval sheets.

Start and complete risk assessment sheets.

(Secondary research)

Research about how to get to the locations – what public transport, the prices, driving routes, etc.

(Secondary research)

Research a bit about custom in the 2010’s and search for customs and props. – posters for room

Sort out equipment list and prop list.
01/05/2017 Making sure I have all of the props, equipment, planning, everything ready for shooting Shooting Shooting Shooting ??? Shooting Shooting
08/05/2017 Shooting Shooting Shooting Shooting Shooting ??? Shooting Shooting Any tweaks that need to be made to get a merit
15/05/2017 Editing Editing Editing Editing Editing ??? Editing Editing Editing ??
22/05/2017 Editing Editing Editing Editing Editing ??? Editing Editing Editing (fin)
29/05/2017 Crits and Eval Crits and Eval Crits and Eval Crits and Eval Crits and Eval Crits and Eval Crits and Eval Crits and Eval
05/05/2017 Crits and Eval Crits and Eval Crits and Eval Crits and Eval Crits and Eval Tweaking Tweaking Tweaking