I have put two listings out for my film because I didn’t get many responses at first with my first listing (at the bottom). Therefore, I thought to broaden the amount of people applying I could put two out so that there more of a chance that people will see the film and apply.

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Advert 1

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Both of my adverts has basically the same information on them, however they have different responses. On this advert I have had 11 applications, 2 of which don’t match the criteria I set out meaning I have made them unsuccessful straight away. Instantly, I gained two people wanting to play Sarah. Both of them have good experience and look right for the part, therefore I texted them to see if they were free for the audition days. They  both responded saying they are, meaning that I am able to get a Sarah definitely. When at the auditions I’m going to give my actors an availability sheet. This is for two reasons, if I cast them I’ll know when I can shoot certain scenes and if I have more than one actor for a part I will be able to see who suits people best to cast. I also gained an application for Leo, however when I messaged him to see if he was free for the audition day he explained that he works on weekdays until 5:30pm. This is no good for me because I’ll be needing to shoot in weekdays, and in daylight. Even though I have gained more applications for this advert, I feel like they weren’t as successful as the second advert.

Advert 2

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My second advert has gained less applications, but more potential actors. Firstly, I gained an actor for the role of Mum. She has a lot of experience being  a ‘Mum’ for many different student films and is able to act throughout the days since she works 7-11am, and she’s even able to get that off work if needs be. I have gained an interest from someone who wants to play the part of Leo, however he’s touring at the moment and won’t be back to make the audition days. I explained to him that if he’s serious about doing the role we can do a late audition and surely he will be able to get the part. He’s done a lot of student films and I’ve seen a video of him acting, where he is good and natural rather than over dramatised.


I started by planning out a storyline on a piece of paper, which I then developed into a first draft of a script. I then sent the draft to my tutor to get the first amount of feedback. He said that the formatting for the scene headings are incorrect because they don’t have the time of day or ‘INT’ and ‘EXT’. To overcome this, I changed this so that my script was formatted correctly. The next comment was then some of the dialogue was too explanatory, especially in the scene where they mention The Danish Girl and they hint too much towards Leo being transgender. Therefore, I changed it to make a subtle hint towards Leo being transgender to make it more of a ‘action speaks louder than words’. He then went on to say the scene where Leo tells his Mum it’s too much dialogue into the transition. Therefore, I have changed it to more of a montage of action to explain the thoughts and feelings that go through Leo’s Mums head.

From this, I then sent my second draft script to three of my friends whom are transgender. I gained some feedback from them all that was all positive, however one person did give me some good criticism on how to improve the emotional aspects. One aspect is that she thought it was too “nice” for Ava’s transition because most people go through a hard transition. She game me some examples on how to make it a harder transition was to add that one friend of Ava’s didn’t agree with transgenderism. To do this, I added a harsh but truthful bit of dialogue after they mention The Danish Girl. I added the not really close friend, Kat, to say that The Danish Girl is a “gross” film and inhumane. This added a set back for Leo, which is realistic. My feedback said that I needed to add some scenes showing gender dysphoria since that’s a very realistic part of the transition. Therefore, I have added a montage before Ava goes in the bath and decides to go to the party as her real self. Finally, the feedback I got is positive apart from these because they said that the dialogue, clothing and other aspects are very realistic and relatable. This then resulted in my final draft.