For the scenes in college, I instantly thought about filming in my college. I looked around the college and found the perfect place for the canteen scenes.Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 11.20.50.png I thought this place was great because the furniture was mis-matching and suits the look of a college. Also, the wall is full of windows which means that the lighting is perfect and natural for these scenes. It’s also never fully packed which is great because it won’t be that noisy when I’m filming. There’s a lot of plugs in this room, which is great for when I need to charge cameras or plug some lights into the wall. Overall, I found that this place would be the best place in college for the canteen scene. This is because there’s a lot of aspects that make it look like a proper college. Also, the noise wouldn’t be overwhelming as long as I don’t film in the middle of lunch break, then there will be enough people to use as extras but not too much to be noisy. Finally, it’s easy to travel to from Sheffield city centre. It’s easily a 30 minute drive, or around a 30 minute tram/bus ride. I’ve researched that you can either get the blue or yellow tram and then a 10 minute walk, or many different buses.

My next location is all in one house, but is going to be acting as different houses. Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 16.39.38.pngThe first room, that will be Leo’s room, is a brilliant cross between masculine and
feminine decorations and furniture. This is great for Leo’s room considering he’s confused about his sexuality and gender. I’ll be using this for any scene thats based in Leo’s room, having the bed in a perfect place for the light to bounce off the walls and create great lighting for whenever Leo’s on the bed.  The next room is great for Sarahs room, because the wardrobe is perfectly placed for the contents of the scene, and the window is behind the bed shining great lighting onto the bed. And also, the decoration and the furniture is extremely feminine, which suits Sarah’s style very well.

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Finally, I’m going to useScreen Shot 2017-03-28 at 17.04.36.png another room as the dark room for the first party scene. This room is brilliant for this scene because it’s typically a genuine bedroom which is decorated to be manly. Also, it’s a dark room which will help with the lighting of the scene. It doesn’t matter that the window is in a good place, since the only scene i’ll have in here will be a dark scene anyway.

To get to this location, it’s over an hour on public transport and about 45 minutes drive. There’s either the option getting the train and then a bus into Gateford, or two buses from Sheffield centre to Gateford.