I put two adverts out on for actors. I was recommended to use Starnow, therefore I had a look into it. I found that Starnow is a free website to send out casting calls, which is always a good since I’m only a student and my crowdfunding didn’t get a lot of money. That was one positive thing about Starnow. Another positive sway towards Starnow is that it’s really simple and easy to use, the interface is very easy to navigate. Also, I picked Starnow because it has a lot of student actors on there which means that when I put my adverts out I would be a able to gain more of a relatable audience than on a professional acting website. I have gained quite a lot of applications, even though it’s a student short film. However, if you’re wanting to contact your actors via Starnow you have to buy credits, which is one down fall.  You’re also able to put more than one casting out on one call, rather than one actor at a time.

When looking up ‘Casting calls websites uk’, I found the website  called I could’ve used this website, since it is also free, however it’s for professional actors rather than student actors. I think that using a professional website would not be the right website for me since they wouldn’t really want to work on a non-paid college film. The interface seems really easy to use, just like Starnow, however it seems a lot more professional and business-like. I also looked at which is for any type of casting calls. This website is free to put adverts out and have a wide audience for actors and films, however the interface and website doesn’t seem as professional as Starnow. Another downfall for tobeseen is that you put one casting call out for characters at a time. This means that if an actor saw one casting call that doesn’t fit the actor yet want to be in the film, they wouldn’t be able to easily find another part to play.

Overall, my casting call is on Starnow because it’s the best website for my film. It’s the best for student actors in Sheffield and also has a suggestion sections where you can invite people you think would be good, to apply. It’s a free website and easy to use compared to the other websites that may become complicated.